Berks County Public Libraries

Berks County Public Libraries

(est.1986) coordinates services offered by the independent participating public libraries in Berks County. By sharing our collections, by consolidating our purchasing, cataloging and processing, and by creating cooperative services like the StoryRiders and the Summer Reading Program, the libraries of BCPL are able to give to our communities well-run, dynamic libraries in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

BCPL Board of Trustees


The Library System is headed by a 7-member Board of Trustees working alongside an advisory committee. Meetings are usually held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, and are open to the public.


—Year 2016 Monthly Reports—
—Year 2015 Monthly Reports—

Members of the 2015 Board of Trustees

  • Kim Stahler, President - Appointed by: Leinbach, Term Expires: 12/15
  • Mary Edwards, Vice President - Appointed by: Barnhardt, Term Expires: 12/17
  • Vacant, Secretary/Treasurer - Appointed by: Scott
  • Andrew S. George - Appointed by: Scott/Leinbach, Term Expires: 12/15
  • Tina Marie DeLong - Appointed by: Leinbach, Term Expires: 12/15
  • Charles M. Jones - Appointed by: Scott, Term Expires: 12/16
  • Judy Schwambach - Appointed by: Barnhardt, Term Expires: 12/17


  1. Uniform Requirements 12-16-2014 (.docx)
  2. Strategic Plan 2015-2016 (.docx)