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Book Bonanza

It's our annual used-book sale with more than 100,000 hardcover and paperback books. There are children's books, classics, collectibles, teacher materials, reference items, audio, video, records, and puzzles. In non-fiction, there are books on history, biography, science, art, health, nature, hobbies, languages, sports and a large number of cookbooks. Our fiction selection offers all genres. Our collectibles area contains unique and special books; first editions, autographed copies, coffee table format, local interest and books by local authors as well.


The Friends of Berks County Public Libraries organization was formed in 1980 to support the public libraries throughout the county. The organization is a volunteer, non-profit association dedicated to supporting all of the public libraries in the Berks County System.

Since its creation the Friends organization has taken on the responsibility for its primary source of revenue, Book Bonanza. Its annual book sale has been incredibly successful and resulted in the Friendsí ability to provide welcome funds to the libraries.

In addition the organization has engaged in a variety of other ventures.

  • The Friends contributed funds to the Berks County Community Foundation for use by the local library members of the System.
  • Each year the organization provides at least $500 per member library for its choice of programming.
  • In addition the Friends pay for a program presented by the Yocum Institute for the Arts and available to each of the libraries for their summer programs.
  • The Friends support local Friends groups by providing advice and funds for start-up activities.
  • The Friends organization has invited popular authors to visit Berks County and speak to audiences at the Miller Center at RACC and at the Scottish Rite Cathedral. These included Jodie Picoult and Kathryn Stockett.
  • Interested folks can find more information about the Friends on FACEBOOK!

Go to our Facebook page for information about the Friends' recent activities:

2017 Book Bonanza

Join Us

Berks County needs the continued support of its concerned citizens for a strong library system to educate our children, provide resources to our businesses and to meet the growing information needs of our community. You can make this happen by joining.

To become a Friend, print out the membership form and mail it with your check or money order to: Friends Of Berks County Public Libraries, P.O. Box 689, Leesport PA 19533-0689.

Membership Levels
* Friend $10.00-$49.00 per calendar year
* Sponsor $50.00 - $99.00 per calendar year
* Benefactor $100.00 - $199.00 per calendar year
* Patron $200.00 + per calendar year

Contact Us
And Contact Your Local Library's Friends Group

There are non-profit Friends groups at most libraries in the county. These libraries have an established Friends Group: